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Updated 2/25/2022

COVID Testing Update:

  • Effective 2/26/22, patients in Morenci  wanting COVID testing will need to schedule an appointment with one of our family medicine clinicians to be evaluated and, if indicated, tested for COVID-19.  Patients can continue to be seen and evaluated by a clinician for COVID testing as walk-ins in urgent care.  Family medicine appointments can be made by calling 928-865-9184
  • Given the reduction in COVID cases in the community, drive-thru testing and online requests for testing will also be discontinued. Patients needing COVID testing for pre-op can continue to be tested, but must present a written order from their surgeon. Patients needing COVID testing for travel purposes will need to call their primary care provider to request testing through our lab.
  • COVID testing for workers at the request of their employer will continue through our occupational medicine departments at all GHR sites.
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